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Standing On Faith In The Workplace | 3 things I Learned During My Journey

On July 7th of this year I made the decision to leave my job of 11 1/2 years. Any time someone leaves a company after that much time, naturally questions get asked and eyebrows raised. While there were many reasons why I decided to quit, the straw that really broke the camels back came down to matters of faith.

I had been looking for a job for several months with I had a few interviews and some I felt that went very well but in the end, there was little to no real movement. Most of the companies I had applied and submitted my application to did not even take the time to respond to me in any way.

One of them did respond, about three months after the fact to give me the "thanks, but no thanks" letter. Clearly someone was checking the boxes at the company making sure to "do their due diligence" to let any candidates that had taken the time to apply know that they weren't interested. That one made me chuckle.

My employer had for quite some time been putting the politics and agenda of some, well in front of those of others (and yes, I am talking about the PRIDE movement). Making matters worse was that the company had just let 16 people go in an effort to "save money" all while dumping tons of financial resources into pushing these agendas. The company had also just spent 7-8 figures hiring a consulting firm to help "sort out" the business as a whole because it was being run so poorly.

So, after some prompting from a fellow Christian friend (along with God), I decided to attend the final "PRIDE panel discussion" Zoom call near the end of the month of June. When I heard the participants talking about how important it was to "shepherd the next generation" (i.e., indoctrinate) of children down the path of this movement, my heart sank.

This was on the heels of calls all throughout the month that included not only PRIDE discussions but also discussions about what "gender affirming care" our insurance provided and so on. Our corporate office even threw an all expenses paid "party" at an LGBTQ+ club called 10DTLA (the soft-core porn imagery of which can found if digging enough on Instagram) for anyone there who wanted to attend.

I remember going out to my car after that call to take my lunch and just sitting there praying and looking up in the bible app on my phone examples of people who had stepped out in faith because I knew, that was it for me. I had to leave.

After much consultation with my wife, friends, and of course prayer over that weekend, my wife and I made the decision that I was going to put my notice in on Monday.

Because I had not had any luck finding a job anywhere else, when I submitted my notice, I did so without having any job to fall back on. Under normal circumstances, I would not encourage ANYONE to do this. However, we do not live in normal times.

I had even debated about NOT giving any form of notice whatsoever due the egregious nature of the violation of Gods law, and just resigning effective immediately. (again, not something I would normally recommend). My wise wife however said, "You know what, no. Give them your two week notice. Imagine the conversations that you will be able to have with people over those next few weeks when they ask why you are leaving." Man was she right.

Over the next few weeks, I had some of the most incredible conversations of faith with people at work than ever in my life. These ranged from Atheists to Christians and everything in between. The common theme I found: almost everyone I talked to was just as fed up with the "agenda" as I was.

I was able to have deep talks of faith, the type that just take those "rules" of the workplace and just toss them aside like the trash they are (more on that below). All thanks to wise council of my wife (like I said, she is wise, and I am blessed)!

Looking back now now a few weeks removed and some of the lessons from that experience are very clear to me. So many were had but the big three are what I want to share with you. They are these:




Many things in this life are designed to pull you off track and away from your faith. Don't let them. This includes when the company you work for steps over the line and decides that it wants to dabble in matters of faith. Specifically when it comes to violating Gods law.

Obedience gets a bad rap. We oftentimes think of this nowadays in a negative light given what our lovely government or the powers-that-be try to impose on us. However, in the proper context, be it that of a caring parent or even better, God Almighty, it can be a tremendous blessing.

We as parents do not expect our children to be obedient to us because we are on some deranged, unreasonable, power-trip (well, at least not a GOOD parent) but because we care about their wellbeing and want the best for them. How much more so then do you think that would be from our heavenly father!

How often as parents do we wish more than anything that our children would just listen to us? We know the paths and destinations they could take and why may lay ahead for them depending on their choices. This could be the most frustrating thing as a parent: knowing how much better off our kids would be if they would listen vs. doing it their way and then learning the hard way.

Sometimes in life however, that is what it takes, but it is painful to watch, especially from the parental grandstands.

Take it from me, after much stubborn trail and error, I have found that the rewards for being obedient are absolutely incredible. When you are obedient, you become more attuned to hearing God's voice and will for your life.

When you become more attuned, you are more likely to follow-through on what it is he is wanting you to do. When you follow-through and then see the benefits, you become more emboldened to continue this.

This creates a cycle that you are going to want to be in the middle of. Trust me. Miracles happen there. Usefulness happens there. Faith happens there. Fulfillment happens there. Love happens there.

Its easy to get sucked into the lies of this world that tell you that focusing on yourself and what makes you feel good will provide a fulfilling life and happiness. In the end, the opposite is what happens. It is a pathway to destruction and the only thing that is found at the end of the road is a lack of fulfillment, sadness, and despair.

You will NEVER be able to put enough "stuff" in the hole in the middle of your soul to fill it. The only thing that can do this is by having a proper relationship with God and the only way to have a proper relationship with him is through obedience.

Just like our children, if we are not obedient, we are not going to live in harmony. When our children are disobedient we spend so much time and emotional energy just trying to get them back on the right track and disciplining them. If they are rebellious enough, they will then spend the entire time learning to resent us for doing it and because of this their lives spin out of control. Sometimes it happens, even with the best parents. This echo's how we can be towards our Father in Heaven.

"If you obey my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have obeyed my Father's commands and remain in his love." - John 15:10


I am a Gen-X guy who, just like the generations prior to me was taught that you don't talk about two things in the workplace: religion and politics. We were taught that you keep that stuff locked away and don't dare share or it could be the end of you. That continued to be the case for quite some time and it even amplified itself more and more as time went on.

I had been conditioned for years that if you dared speak about these things in the workplace, it may "offend" someone and you could be drug into the HR offices and receive what would be, one-way-or-another, a career-ending "chat".

Over the last few years I started to notice something; while I was expected to keep my faith or political beliefs to myself, my employer seemed to have no problem whatsoever engaging in both. I thought, "wait a minute, you get to say whatever you want and force it down my throat, but I am supposed to remain quiet?". When I finally looked past my own conditioning and fear, I realized it was time to speak up and the gloves came off.

Now, I want to pause here and be clear about something. I am NOT advocating that you go to work and stand on a soap box proselytizing your faith every second (after all you are there to work) but what I AM saying is don't shy away for a second to speak your mind and faith if the opportunity presents itself.

I know that there are many out there who are worried of what the ramifications may be if you start to do this. You will immediately start to think, "I can't do that I might lose my job". I get it. I know what the human mind does because I have one. What if you lose your job? You know what, if you do, God has a better one.

I too worry about those things (hey, I am still a work in progress); losing my home, my possessions, proper relationship with my wife because she may resent me if any of the former happens.

My wife and I were blessed enough to buy our dream home a few years ago. The story of both her and I being together and in the home we have is an amazing testimony for Gods love and goodness. The thought of "risking" either of those scares me to death but I am am standing firm in my decision; I am betting the farm on God because I am trusting him to deliver and I know he will.

So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. - Matthew 6:31-33


It's still early in my "post-job" journey yet but one thing I can tell you for sure is this; I am BUSY. God has used my new found "spare time" to put me to work. I constantly have this image that when I was walking out from my job on the last day he was rubbing his hands together in excited anticipation of all the ways that he was going to use me and put me to work.

Since I left just over a month ago, I have started my own Leadership & Safety coaching business, two podcasts, become the Executive Director of a not-for-profit Men's Ministry, and am teaching a class on faith at a school on Friday's.

Don't get me wrong; it's TERRIFYING not having that steady income or even knowing when income is going to start coming in. It has been a MASSIVE leap of faith and I have worked harder and been busier than I ever was at my old job, but it has been so amazingly rewarding and fulfilling.

I finally got out of God's way, stretched out my arms and said with my whole heart, "use me Lord". When you do that, you will be AMAZED at what he does and where he takes you. He made you and he knows your strengths. He will use those talents and abilities in ways you could never even begin to dream of.

For me, none of what I am doing now would have been possible without me taking that leap of faith. It has already taught me so much. To pray more, seek the guidance of others more, listen more, do more. I am more useful now for the Lord than at any point in my life.

In the end, seek first the kingdom of God and then follow what he lays on your heart to do. You will not be disappointed. It may be leaving your job, it may be making some major changes in your life. Whatever it is, step out and follow that path and be bold.

I get so excited watching his plan unfold in front of me day by day and just awestruck that he has decided to make me a part of it. My hope and prayer for you is that you can say the same.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” - Isaiah 6:8

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